Other CareNZ services

In addition to our traditional addiction treatment services, CareNZ operates two new services which are aimed at released prisoners and community-based offenders.

Single Point of Entry Service (Wellington/Wairarapa)

This service supports offenders serving a community sentence, helping them to get support for problematic use of alcohol and drugs at the right time.

Our Criminal Justice Team receives referrals from Probation Officers and meets with offenders to assess their situation and refer them on to other services to get the help they need. Our team also provides brief interventions and works with offenders to be motivated for working with other services.

The Criminal Justice Workers meet offenders at Probation Offices across the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa region. They identify their needs, talk with them about their concerns, consider options for support and help them to make connections between their alcohol or other drug use and their offending. They continue to support them while they access the services they need, until they have been successfully engaged with other agencies. Our Team provides reports and feedback to probation staff.

Out of Gate – Prisoner re-integration service

0800 512 512

Out of Gate is a prisoner re-integration service provided by CareNZ in the South Island outside of Christchurch, assisting short-serving prisoners in making a successful transition between prison and the community.

We work with prisoners at Otago Correctional Facility and Invercargill Prison. Our team of Out of Gate Navigators is based in Dunedin and Invercargill and works with prisoners sentenced to less than two years in prison following their release. Satellite and outreach services are provided to prisoners released to the West Coast, South Canterbury, Nelson and Malborough regions.

Prisoners are supported by Navigators before and after their release. They assess the needs of prisoners before their release and establish a release plan, focussing on housing, employment/training, health and wellbeing as well as family, social and cultural connections. Our Navigators walk alongside and support prisoners following their release. With over two thirds of prisoners experiencing drug and alcohol dependency, Out of Gate provides an opportunity to engage with prisoners at an early stage, build rapport and encourage them to access services if needed.