What we do

At CareNZ, we offer people with addiction – and those who love them – a wide range of services and interventions to make significant changes in their lives.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step and make contact with us – it can make all the difference.

Everything we do will be tailored to your own situation – we recognise that everyone’s different.

We are here for all people, regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, disability, financial situation or education. 

Our counselling and group work services in the community and in prisons are free of charge. (Charges may apply for some services. Learn more)

We will work alongside you to find a solution that fits your individual needs. We’ll also work with those who are close to you, and we recognise the importance of whanau in the process of recovery and community re-integration.


Our services:

In the community

CareNZ Community Services offer a wide range of interventions, from individual counselling to group work programmes and impaired driving courses. Learn more

In prisons

Alcohol or drug use and offending are often connected. CareNZ Drug Treatment Units offer prisoners the chance to address their substance use and make changes in their lives. Learn more

Other services

In addition to our traditional addiction treatment services, we are operating two new services that help prisoners after release and offenders in the community. Learn more

Service user rights & FAQs

Your rights as a CareNZ service user. Learn more