Our History

CareNZ was established in 1999 to continue the early work of NSAD (New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence). We have grown today to be a leader in the Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) sector, and one of the largest providers of services.

Our 80 staff work in a range of services throughout New Zealand in both prisons and the community, from Auckland to Invercargill.

CareNZ Manaaki Aotearoa

The name Manaaki Aotearoa was chosen by Kaumatua and Kuia from Tainui. It represents CareNZ's approach to treatment. This name embraces our image, the kaupapa and the people of CareNZ as we move forward.

Manaaki is to love and to care for one another, regardless of race, belief, faith or age.

Aotearoa - The Long Cloud of Daylight, or the Long White Cloud. A name given to this new land with white skies, a new home land (Te Kainga hou). The old saying was that those who dwell in the Land of the Long Cloud will have life, sustenance and protection.

In remembrance, we acknowledge those who have passed and have given great help, providing support and guidance to the name Manaaki Aotearoa, and we will always be thankful to them all. Their vision was that the name would unite and embrace all of Aotearoa and the people that dwell on the lands, in peace, love and harmony.

Na reira e nga iwi o Aotearoa, tena koutou katoa, paimarire.
Atutahi Riki, Kaumatua Tainui


Our logo represents the journey of one’s recovery and healing, ascending to a higher place of being. It symbolises the creation of a meeting place – the Rauroha – by the joining of the whirlwind from above and below, with the green in the centre representing the creation of a precious taonga (treasure).

The bottom rauru (spiral) symbolises the first part of the journey, representing Tawhirinuku, the lower whirlwind. Its positive energy recognises our human potential and guides us to the next level of recovery.

The second part (the s-shape) is whatu Manawa, the human element. It signifies a journey of recovery and healing, with many paths to navigate and challenges around every turn.

The top curve depicts the third part of the journey - Tawhirirangi, the upper whirlwind. Its positive energy recognises our human potential and guides us to the highest level of complete recovery.